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Thru-hiking Postcard Packs

$15.00 USD

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They are here!!! 🏔️🎒🥾📷

Postcard bundles of the Pacific Crest Trail and Colorado Trail are now available in my shop and via money transfer apps for purchase. These postcard packs are a perfect gift, whether they’re for a hiker trash buddy or a treat yaself grab!

✨“The Day Hike Bundle”, Pack of 5 for $15: For when you wana peep those mountains but crash in a comfy, clean bed. 

✨“The Weekend Warrior Bundle”, Pack of 10 for $20: For when you love the outdoors but ain’t ready to long term commit.  

✨“The Thru-Hike Bundle”, Pack of 20 for $30: For when you wana crush summits, eat ramen daily and possibly poop your pants at least once.

✨“The Outdoor Maverick Bundle”, Pack of 20 PLUS one mystery 8”x10” nature photo for $50: The outdoors is your home now. Your new family are the bugs and deer. I won’t be coming home for the holidays Ma!

✨Single postcards, One for $3.

I am super excited for my postcards to be in your happy home!! 😌 Get ‘em while they’re hot. 🔥❄️

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